Historia Furillen


Legend has it that the island of Furillen was alit with flames stemming from a large wildfire 500 years ago, hence giving it the name of Furilden. Through time, the name changed to its current spelling. The peninsula was used for excavation of limestone until the early 70’s, and later became as a restricted area for military exercises, including the factory building that is Fabriken Furillen today.

When photographer Johan Hellström was looking for new sites to hold his photo shoots, he received a hint to take a look at Furillen. Back then the area was still off-limits to civilians and few visitors found the area enclosed with barbed wire to be inviting for an inspection.

The very unique setting and special light inspired Johan to use the area of the factory and the island as background for numerous photo shoots. Since then, over 700 photo and film productions for fashion, music and advertising have taken place on the island.

In 1999 Johan purchased all available land on the island, and do began the conversion of the factory site to become the hotel and restaurant it is today.